Kelly + Donald || Avalon, New Jersey || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

On this snowy day in Philadelphia, I thought- why not warm up your feeds with a recent shoot down the shore? For the next few weeks, I thought it’d be fun to post some goodies that haven’t seen the journal yet. And before you know it, the 2019 wedding season will be here and I just can’t wait for what fun adventures this year will bring!

First up- one of my all time favorites with two of my all time favorites. They braved the wind and the rain to have their engagement session celebration in a place that they held close to their hearts. Between Kelly’s epic hair and Donald’s evident obsession with his leading lady, I think these shots are full of the good stuff, y’all.

Danielle + Matthew || The Crystal Plaza || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

These are my people. Seriously. I’d like to say that they had me from the pie they baked me for their e-session, or the casserole they dropped off shortly after Owen was born when cooking wasn’t the wisest on so little sleep (think egg shells in dishes, salt instead of sugar, forgetting boiling water on the stove for long enough that the smoke alarm went off, etc.), but the truth is I fell in love with #teammaclean long before they filled our bellies. And anyone who executes perfect choreography to HSM’s “Can I have this Dance” are destined to be my best friends.

Weddings in December require careful planning and skill. Between the limited daylight and risk for extreme weather, winter-anything calls for brave hearts and adventurous spirits. When the forecast for this day showed heavy rain from 8am until 6pm, I prepared myself to reassure everyone in my path, but what I found instead were those brave hearts I mentioned before. ‘Can do’ attitudes instead of fear. ‘I trust you”’s instead of doubt. And despite the monsoon outside creativity soared, love abounded, and all was well with our souls.

D + M: Come snuggle my baby, K? And drink coffee. And play scrabble. And snuggle Potter. Door’s open. In all seriousness- I love yous. ‘Nuff said.

Cheyenne + Blake || Cork Factory Hotel || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

The sun was shining (for the first time in what seemed like all of 2018), the leaves had turned glorious shades of yellow, orange and red and though it was a bit chilly, a more perfect day could not be found for Blake + Cheyenne.

This day was special. And honestly, I think I cried more during it than I did on my own wedding day. From start to finish, it was clear how intensely special this moment was for not just C + B, but their fiercely loving group of family and friends. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more emotional first look than that between Cheyenne and her Papa. But what was so sweet was that they’d cry, then laugh at themselves crying, and then cry again. It was completely endearing. Add that to tear filled dances between those two and also Blake + his Mama- well, you get the picture. It’s such a gift to watch people care about other people. And if one sentence could contain their wedding day as a whole, it would be that.

C + B: Thank you for bringing me along for the ride! It meant so much to not only spend this time with you two, but also your closest people. And you’ve got GOOD people. I can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds!

Jenna + Tom || Landenberg, PA Engagement || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna a few years ago. She was a friend of a friend (and former bride!) that had a wonderful idea of hiring a photographer to catch the comings and goings of her family’s annual Christmas party as a gift for her parents. I thought, “Sure! I love Christmas. Why not?”. I had been told that this was unlike any other Christmas party I’d been to and that Jenna’s mother REALLY loved to decorate their home for the season. Never in my wildest imagination could I have ever imagined walking into a perfect, magazine-worthy, magical wonderland of Christmas trees, multiple fireplaces with several stockings hung with care, golds and greens and reds galore. It was MESMERIZING. And for a Christmas nut like me, there was no happier place on earth.

Fast forward to today, and that same thoughtful gift-giver found the love of her life in Tom- a Harry Potter-loving (I mean, how could they NOT be my kinda people?) keeper of the best dry sense of humor I’ve ever met. After getting to know them a little better on the day of their enagement session, I’m convinced that #teammulloe (okay, I gotta stop with my attempt at a hashtag game) is a complete match made in heaven. I mean is there any doubt with the smile on Jenna’s face?

J + T: It’s so much fun to spend time with you! Want to do it again in September? :) In all seriousness, thank you for inviting me in to such a special place in your lives for such a special journey. I’m a blessed woman to know you!

Becky + Chris || Ridley Creek State Park Engagement || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

This is a long one. But it’s a GOOD one.

Meet Becky. She’s my best friend. Meet Chris. He’s her person (and someone that Owen will eventually call “Uncle” whether he knows it now or not :)).

I’ve tried to write this countless times over the last two weeks, but it usually ended in tears. I mean, I couldn’t even title their gallery “Dodds Engagement” without waterworks. Lawd help me come April…

These two are the real deal. A very special real deal. They met, dated, fell in love and grew in favor of each other in the most perfect timing. God has been faithful, and He will be again. And honestly, the rest is just beginning.

B + C: WHAT DO I SAY TO YOU. I LOVE YOUR STINKING FACES. GOD IS GOOD. That is all. Can’t wait to stand up for you both and scream “YAAAAAAAS!” when I hear man and wife. Sorry in advance for any ugly crying.