Ian Everett in Wilmington (Newborn)

It's baby season!  This past weekend alone was spent meeting one adorable newborn after another on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If I didn't have baby fever before, I certainly understand it now!  God help my poor husband… (for all friends and family, calm down, we won't be trying anytime soon… :))

Robin and Tim came to me by way of the Christianna Hospital crew (you know who you are :)), and I have to say, some of the kindest and most considerate people work in that place!  When I saw the news that Robin had gone into labor on Facebook, I may have spent a little extra time stalking my inbox waiting to hear their joyous news.  Sure enough, I received a message from Tim, and two days later, packed up my things and headed out to Wilmington Delaware to meet their perfect little three-day-old son.  He turned on his A-game with the cuteness after falling asleep a few minutes into our shoot, and the rest…well, I'll let a few of my favorites from their session speak for themselves.

Welcome to the world, Ian Everett Fitzgerald!!