Alex & Ben || Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square || Engagement

There's no debating how beautiful Longwood Gardens is.  For years, couples have flocked here to have their photos taken by perfectly landscaped gardens, sculpted bushes and sprinkling fountains.  While those places ARE beautiful, when Alex started our session by with the message of, "I'm not looking for perfect structure, I want overgrown and wild" my heart skipped a beat- this girl was speaking my language.  So we wandered, we explored and we finally settled ourselves in a beautifully rustic, tree-lined pathway that seemed to go on for miles and their newly opened meadowlands.  

It's not often that I meet couples with significant experience in front of a camera.  In fact, more often than not, their time with me is the first go around with a professional photographer. So it's perfectly normal to have a few minutes of totally awkward at the beginning of every session.  Alex and Ben broke that mold.  A photographer herself, she seemed to just know exactly how and when to move and to trust the vision that I had and it blew me away!  With experience, carefully chosen outfits and absolutely perfect mermaid hair on our side, our time together felt like a dream.  Ben's face ignites when Alex comes near, and Alex…well, I'll let her smile and downright laughter speak for itself.

Introducing the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Milley!

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