Elise & Pete || Old City, Philadelphia || Engagement

I tell ya, this rain is certainly pulling out the creativity in me when it comes to scheduling!  I can’t remember a shoot this month where I didn’t have to send a client an email in the morning saying “We might have to play this by ear…”  Believe me, while I’m not afraid of a little sprinkle (some pretty cute and unique shots can come from it), I AM a firm believer that if you don’t HAVE to or WANT shoot in it, why do it?  For Elise and Pete, it looked as though our original date, as well as our rain date were going to be complete washes.  Thankfully, last Wednesday we found a little dry spot for a few hours and had a blast wandering around Old City, Philadelphia!  I think these two may hold the record for most locations traveled to within one shoot with me, but when they’re all within a five minute drive…why not? 

We started our time together in a quaint little coffee shop called Cake and the Beanstalk (seriously…this place was adorable with nursery rhymes and children’s stories decorating the tables and chairs), then headed over to Jefferson’s Campus (where they met), then on to the Ben Franklin Bridge (SO cool!) and wrapped things up giggling and swingin’ in a hammock at Spruce Street Harbor Park.  Two things that made it impossible to not fall in love with them?  1.  Elise has a laugh/smile combo that would light a South Philly Block. 2.  These two loooooooooooove each other.

With that said, cue infectious laughter.

Can't wait to see you guys again in October!!