Katie + Alex || Knowlton Mansion Wedding || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Just a month before our little man arrived, we had the incredible privilege of photographing a wedding for two of the most considerate and loving people that I've ever met.  I'm not sure there's ever been a bride as excited for her big day as Katie, and that kind of energy was infectious during our entire relationship.  

The day was a beautiful one.  To all of our surprises, the rain stayed away in the middle of one very, very rainy week (scratch that...month).  There was excitement in the hotel during the prep, excitement at the mansion as gifts were opened and eyes were laid on each other for the first time, excitement during portraits, bridal party portraits, family formals.....the entire day- it was like it was the best day of their lives.  And it was, it really was.

K + A:  Thank you for always being such rays of sunshine and for being so passionate about us working together.  Your confidence in me from the start gave my creative wings room to fly and I am so glad to have been able to get to know you better!  I hope life in Nashville is everything you hoped it would be and more!  

Jackie + Craig || Valley Forge, PA || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

It's REALLY odd to think that we've winded down from shooting for a bit (gotta have this babers :)) right in the peak of wedding season, but not before we were able to spend some time with two of our ALP alums.  

Anniversary sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot.  The pressure's off, you're able to 'let your hair down' so to speak and just remember what makes you so head over heels in love with your spouse.  That was most certainly the case for Jackie, Craig (and Anya!).  These two rocked the sunshine at Valley Forge National Park like pros and reminded me just how much I missed them. 

J + C:  It made my heart smile to spend time catching up with you both.  Marriage looks SO good on you!  Here's to already anticipating the fun we'll have for next year's adventure.  ;)  

Lauren + Andrew || Fells Point, Baltimore || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Baltimore is such a neat city.  I don't get to explore it very much, but it's always a little exciting when clients choose that spot and to see where they want to have their adventure.  For this particular e-session, Fells Point was our stomping ground.  

Lauren + Andrew are such bright lights.  It's near impossible to spend time with them without being wooed yourself by their love and magic.  Besides that, they just like each other!  That night, we met by the water, wandered through the ivy and danced a little on the cobble stone streets while the city buzzed and the breeze blew.  I know I've said this on occasion, but it was just a breath of fresh air to share the night with them.

L + A: Thank you for bringing me to such a special place and for showing me a little of what makes you two the real deal.  Believe me when I say that I'm SO excited to continue to be a part of your journey.  Next summer, here we come!

Yen + Charles || Philadelphia, PA Engagement || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

It's so much fun to get to know people and the places they love.

Yen + Charles took some time on a beautiful April night to show me just how quaint the neighborhood around their home in Queen Villiage can be.  Between the lovely sun-kissed, Venice-esque side streets and the mosaic masterpieces, it didn't take long to see why they planted their roots here.  As we meandered through the streets in Bella Vista, Charles looked my way with a child-like grin and said, "I have an idea..." and a few blocks later, water ice had been added to the party.  I'm not really sure why, but I think it's so much fun when people eat food during their engagement sessions (like cheesesteaks at Geno's or pancakes in your kitchen).  It's real, kinda messy and lets so many walls come down on the journey to feeling comfortable in front of a camera (truth be told though- if these two felt funny in front of the lens, they totally fooled me!).  

Y + C:  Thank you for showing me around your 'hood!  Your admiration and appreciation for all that makes Philadelphia GREAT is inspiring.  It was so nice to get to know you both better over some lemon and cherry. I mayyyyyy or may not have found some water ice later that night too.   :)  Cannot wait for October!!

Danielle + Matt || Valley Forge National Park Engagement || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again- I LOVE my couples.  There's something so special about being invited along on one of the greatest journeys life has to offer, and when you just "click" with the ones starring in the story you're helping to tell, well...that's just about as good as it gets.

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Danielle and Matt exploring one of my favorite stomping grounds- Valley Forge National Park.  I expected a night of fun, giggles and getting to know each other better (and those things were most certainly in abundance)- what I did NOT expect was to be greeted with the sweetest gift for Baby J and a whole lemon pie just for me (okay FINE, and David).  Now, it must be said that this girl can BAKE.  And not just like the I-like-to-bake-and-make-cookies kind of bake, the kind of bake.  And she does it so well.  I have no shame in confessing that a slice was eaten that night, for breakfast the next morning, for a mid day snack....yeahhhh.  We DID share a few pieces with my husband's grandmother though, so we didn't feel as bad when the whole thing disappeared in 3 days.  

D + M:  My love for you runs deep.  And not just because you bake me pies that make me wanna slap my mama.  But because your hearts are the size of Texas, your love for each other is respectful, intoxicating and pure, your smiles shine so much brighter than the sun, and it's just a joy to be around you.  Thanks for letting me in to take a peek at the magic.  December, here we come!