Jen + Alex || The Barn at Silverstone || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

If I could bottle this day up and keep it with me always, I would.

Rain was a definite. Wind too. For some, that can be a devastating thing on a wedding day. But not for these two. They embraced every single obstacle (including sideways pelting from the wet stuff) with smiles, giggles, toothless grins and an overall sense of “we so got this”. The Barn at Silverstone is a beautiful place and its classy, rustic charm added the perfect backdrop to the day. This dress, the toasts, the shoes, the tears and it’s easily one of my favorite wedding days to date. Oh and I’m TOTALLY still swooning over the braid in Jen’s hair. :)

J + A: I mean, do I have to even tell you that I love you? Let’s be besties, mmm kay? In all seriousness- you’re both the best thing and every moment spent with you was a gift. I’m a little sad that this part is ending, but I can’t wait for coffee dates just because we can. Also, you’re making me totally jelly with your Hawaii pictures- hope you’re having THE BEST time!! <3

Lisa + Randy || Valley Forge National Park || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Have you ever wanted to write a thank you note for a thank you note? I might be weird, but I ALWAYS feel like I want to. Especially when, just three days after their session, your clients send one along with words that feel good and really make a girl feel appreciated. I tell you, kindness goes a long way, and I’m really, really grateful that I get to work with people like Lisa + Randy.

This day was the sunniest thing on the planet….five minutes before we began shooting. You’d think that I’d see a glimmer of disappointment on one or both of their faces when the clouds took over and honestly- there were smiles for days. Moody days are some of my favorite days to shoot because it forces me to be creative with lighting. But it also forces the clients in the spotlight in the most wonderful way! There are no distractions, just them. And love. And a ton of laughter. And happy. Yeah, the HAPPY is what makes it great.

L + R: I get so excited when I’m around people that love. THANK YOU for knowing how to enjoy each other. That’s the good stuff, guys. What a joy it was to spend time with you! Are you looking forward to June yet, because I sure am!

Yen + Charles || La Peg Fringe Arts Wedding || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

“Back in the saddle again…” It was my first wedding after having Owen, and it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day filled with tradition, experiences, real love and real laughter.

After what seemed like endless rainy weekends, I think we were all pleasantly surprised to see the sun shining for us. Yen + Charles made it clear to me from the start that they really wanted to feel and enjoy their day, and as we were moving through their first look at Dock Creek, their vows, their cocktail hour entrance, toasts and first dance, I was so thankful to actually be able to feel and enjoy this day beside them. It was so sweet to have a couple take every minute possible to grab, kiss and dance with each other like they were the only two in a room like they did.

Y + C: Thank you for bringing us along for the ride! You two are something special and it was a real blessing to help tell such a beautiful love story. I hope you had the best time in Miami and enjoy every second of Asia in a few weeks!!

Maise Haven || Lifestyle Newborn Session || Modern Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

Becoming a mother has given me so much compassion and understanding to other mothers and things that I ask of them during newborn sessions. Post Owen, Allison + Matt (two of our ALP alums) were my first guinea pigs with my newfound appreciation for the rockstars Mom’s are.

True to their nature, they were up for anything. So with little miss Maise leading us, these new parents followed her cues and fed her when needed, soothed her when she whimpered, cuddled her when she wanted and just showered her with love, affection and awe like the total naturals that they are. There was even time (and patience) from this little girl to attempt her first bath. What priceless moments to be invited in to see!

M+A+M+W: Y’all are the real MVPs. Thank you for consistently being bold and daring adventurers. Even with a terrain as familiar as the walls of your home. You are ROCKING this whole parenting thing and I’m so honored that you let me meet your sweet little thing. She’s a wonder!

Megan + James || Valley Forge National Park || Engagement

Maternity leave vibes are still going strong in our household, but I’ve been dabbling back into the job and MANNNNNN did I miss it!

First up in a fun fall ahead are Megan and James. Two quiet, gentle souls who lit up Valley Forge National Park a few weeks back. The sun may have hid its face, but I kinda think it was too scared to be upscaled by these two. The clouds provided such a romantic backdrop to a beautiful girl draped in a beautiful gown and her dapper groom-to-be.

M + J: It was so wonderful to spend time with the two of you! Your faces scream how much you love each other and it was so sweet to witness that.