Jackson the Elf in Kennett Square (Holiday Portrait)

Babies, babies, babies.  

It seems like there is something in the waters around these parts, because SO many expecting or new moms are sending messages my way.  And I LOVE IT!  

Jackson Thomas.  If you've been following me for any length of time, you'll likely remember that this little guy was the first (ever) live birth for Aaren Lee Photography.  Oh yeah, noooooow he's looking familiar, right?  Well since his dramatic entrance in front of our lens, we've photographed a newborn session with some clothes on, and an endearing fall/halloween session.  It just seemed fitting to throw a Santa hat on this beautiful child and see what he would do!  

At first, he wasn't sure what to think of his "Naughty" jammies or the frosted Christmas lights that were placed in front of him, on him and around him, but after a few bribes with some crackers, he was a giggly, silly little man!  It was so neat to see how much he's grown into his personality over the past few months!  

Please enjoy a few snapshots into our ridiculous antics that afternoon!

(Disclaimer:  No babies were burned in the making of these moments.  Not even close.  Promise.  :))  

LOVE how he's checkin' out his little reflection here in the ornament!