Our Wedding Day (Details)

(Thank you, Jeff, for snapping this photo during our first look portraits.  We appreciate you!)

(Thank you, Jeff, for snapping this photo during our first look portraits.  We appreciate you!)

Many of you have been wondering about when you will be able to see MY wedding pictures, and believe me, I'm waiting on the edge of my seat too!  In this case, I'm a firm believer in the phrase "good things come to those who wait".  So…I'm okay with waiting.  :)

Our wedding day was perfect, despite many imperfections leading up to the day.  Seriously- I've never known stress like I did during the week before our wedding (So many thanks to my mother, sister, bridesmaids and HUSBAND for being there to make sure that hair remained in my head and I didn't dehydrate from crying).  A majorly poor beauty treatment, a venue who wouldn't allow us to decorate the hall (despite promising us we could), leaving all of our decorations in a public park the night before our wedding (see previous letdown), half of our entire flower shipment getting fumigated in customs and dying without the possibility of being replaced were just a few of the things trying to take me out.  But when the day arrived, there was just so much HAPPY.  From getting my hair and makeup done with my sister and my "Bride" Starbucks cup (I've always wanted one!), to when we hugged everyone good bye at the end of the night- it was an incredible day.  Oh, and 79 degrees and sunny in the middle of July, anyone ever heard of that one?  Me either.  I don't think that everyone knew this little detail, but David and I opted for a first look, and I have to say- the minute I saw him, I was at peace.  I was steady and sure during the ceremony and couldn't have been more confident that I wanted to give everything I have to that wonderfully loving and selfless man standing before me.  And now here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson!  :)  

So, like I said- major bummer that I can't share any of our official wedding photos with you, BUT!  I looked around my still very wedding-themed home and realized that there were many details about our wedding day that I could share with you!  Earrings, shoes, programs, bouquet…it's here, folks!

I hope you enjoy looking through a few pieces that made our day so special.  And tomorrow- HONEYMOON PHOTOS!  

(If you'd like to know more details about where all of these details came from, please leave me a comment and I'll be happy to tell you!)

Our save the dates (designed by my beautiful former roomie and bridesmaid, Lindsay), invitations and programs (created by my oldest friend, Essie).  LOVED them!


This beautiful little burlap flower was pinned in my hair all evening.  Found this one in a Etsy shop.


I can't stop wearing these!  Again, Etsy FTW.


LOVED THIS BRACELET. (Also found on Etsy)  (My father also gave me a very special and beautiful bracelet to signify my "something blue" but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll add it to my honeymoon post tomorrow. Wait until you see it!  :))


Thank you so much to my wonderful new sister who allowed me to borrow her wedding clutch for my special day as well.  :)


So, if you saw any pictures of our ceremony, you know that I (along with family and friends) painted and twined hundreds of these guys.  LOTS of work, but so, so worth it!


And of course, my engagement ring, HIS ring, and my wedding band!!


Found a WONDERFUL little Etsy shop for these guys which saved my little fingers from making them myself.  The men had yellow flowers, our fathers had taupe, and David had this little guy.


If this looks like the guy, you're right!  It's been said that David looks like him, so to be funny, we had our cake toppers made into that theme! (See our leading picture a few posts back if you need clarification).  Thank you, Martha, for creating these for us!!


My father gave me this special yellow rose from my Poppop during our first dance.  It took a lot of effort not to cry, especially with the little Tigger charm attached.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I took the plunge and decided to give myself the volume I've always wanted with these little puppies, and it was the best decision I could have made!  Made from real human hair, they matched my hue PERFECTLY.  Thank you, Erica, for doing such a fabulous job with my head!!


Mustard yellow shoes. <3 <3 <3


My father put a penny in my shoe while I was away on my honeymoon.  It was meant to happen on the wedding day, but in all of the hustle and bustle, we never got it in there.  I'm so glad he remembered and left me this little surprise.


My bouquet!!  (Billy balls are now my new favorite thing!)  I ordered a few bundles of these, already dried, from another Etsy shop, and I loved them!  Bonus?  They'll stay like this forever!


This was the perfect way to remember my precious family that couldn't be here on our wedding day.  My Gram, my Aunt Tracey and my Poppop. <3


And finally, the dress I couldn't take off in the boutique.  With a custom made hanger created by the one and only Amber Davis.  My sister also let me borrow her veil which matched perfectly!  But that went home with her when she returned to Arizona.