Lori + David || Bates Motel || Engagement

Do you ever see a couple and think to yourself, "Man, they were meant for each other!"?  Well, I give you exhibit A.  These two  And that made my heart want to explode.

I'm pretty sure that we decided that day where we'd be shooting.  When Lori said the Bates Motel, I thought it sounded familiar but couldn't quite put my finger on why.  Well, when I arrived and saw haunted houses and zombie parts, it all became crystal clear.  Despite the haunted attractions we were able to find some tamer backgrounds filled with corn, creeks and curious little donkeys (with many thanks to Nicole for allowing us on her land and giving us a tour!!) for our time together (even though I DID try to get them to pose with one of the zombies behind the barn....). Corn fields in the fall are magical little places.  When the sun hits it just right, they become fields of gold!  But truthfully speaking, the real magic happened between these two.  David's face ignited whenever Lori came close, which seemed to be the entire time because Lori herself couldn't keep away from him.  It was endearing (especially when Dave confessed that he was getting close to getting emotional), and it actually felt like a gift to be pointing my lens in their direction.

  L + D:  You make my heart so happy!  I'm such a blessed girl to know you.  Thank you for an incredible night of laughter, silliness and joy!!  Is it October yet?!!