Alex + Ben || Cork Factory Hotel || Wedding

Alex and Ben.  What on earth can I REALLY say about Alex and Ben that will do them or their day justice?

Hurricane Joaquin came and went without REALLY touching us, but it did leave a nice trail of heavy rain in it's wake.  Didn't phase these two one bit.  Thankfully, the Cork Factory Hotel has quite a few nooks and crannies that allowed for some pretty one-of-a-kind portraits!  From ti-toned floral robes, delicate little tiny elephant bracelets and heirloom pearl necklaces to chic new watches, succulents galore and two of the biggest smiles I've EVER seen in my whole life, this wedding was incredibly detailed and incredibly special.  I'm not quite sure if I ever saw Alex break down and cry like she promised (Quick, LAUGH!!!), but it was clear from each speech that was given just how loved and treasured this union was to all in attendance.  Despite doing MY best to keep it together as their day unfolded, even I had to succumb to the tears (actually, just full on ugly crying if I'm being real honest) during Mama Lee's thank you speech to all of the vendors that shared their talents to make her daughter's day special.

A + B (and your families):  I can honestly say that I love you all.  THANK YOU for your warmth, your appreciation, your kindness toward one another and your genuine love for the Lord that shines through ever word you speak.  It was my great honor to be with you on this day!  I hope you are having an incredible time in Mexico!!!