Amy + John || Longwood Gardens || Engagement

I swear, I'm completely, waiting-for-someone-to-pinch-me spoiled with my couples for the 2016 wedding season.  Amy and John are just one of so many reasons why.  I'm pretty sure that "Encourager" was one of the traits God had at the top of his list when he decided to make Amy.  It seems like every time I turn around, I'll see her name pop up as a "liker" of one of my photos on Instagram, or a comment full of sunshine will appear on one of the previews posted to Facebook, or how about the tear-jerker accolades she's been writing when expressing her excitement to see one of these previews?  And that's just how she's impacted ME.....her photographer.  If she cares this much to spread some of her cheer my way, I can only imagine how she's touched the lives of those around her on a more long-term basis.

Earlier this month, the three of us went on a little adventure at Longwood Gardens.  Despite an unexpected rainy forecast, weather didn't phase these star-crossed lovers as we explored meadows and gardens finding hidden pockets of color and texture.  Their sweet affection for each other and willingness to let down the understandable "jitters" that come along with have your photo taken made this an engagement session to remember.  I CANNOT wait for round two!!

A + J:  Thank you for being such fun, light-hearted troopers when the weather took a not-so-pleasant turn!!  Also, thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share your "signature move" with me.  Impressed doesn't even cut it!!!  :)    


John can lift Amy like this.  Amy can reverse plank like that.  Why would we not photograph it?