Kelsie + Rusty || White Chimneys || Wedding

It seems like just yesterday I was sharing Kelsie and Rusty's e-session with you all.....alright, alright, I know I'm a dork. Really, I thought I was excited to post their e-session.  Posting their wedding today is just icing on the cake (I'm done, I swear)!

It was pretty cloudy and a little chilly the weekend before Thanksgiving, but that didn't stop either one of these two from completely enjoying the wedding day of their dreams.  When we arrived to Scott and Lauri's home (former ALP Couples, what what!), Dave couldn't help but chuckle at my childish grin when we pulled up to a lawn full of trucks (cue my insane love of monster trucks here).  True to most men on wedding days, they were calm, collected and enjoying some serious bro time before it was time to tidy up and head to the ceremony.  When we arrived to the girls, also true to most women, there was a flurry of excitement, mimosa's, giggles and the happiest of tears before Kelsie put on her gown.  It's no secret that I cry at weddings, all weddings, behind my camera.  But I swear, this one might just take the record.  From the first time her father saw her, to him escorting her down the aisle, to Scott's brotherly speech and then dance with his little sister....I'm amazed I even had makeup left on my face.  But you know, when I looked around the room and saw that most others were sharing my fate, I knew this marriage was something special. 

K + R:  I am gonna miss you two!!  I said it yesterday, but I'll say it again- thank you, THANK YOU, for allowing me in to such an important moment in your lives!!  Being able to serve people like you help to make it a joy to get up in the morning!  I hope that you enjoy your first married Christmas season in just a few short weeks!!