Jackson Burdett Thomas || Longwood Gardens || Portrait

It seems like yesterday that I received a text from James letting me know that it was time to head to the hospital.  Jackson was coming!  

I took a little time last night to look through my year following the J-man around with a camera.  I am amazed at how much personality this child has developed, and how much his parents have grown during this year.

We came together for a very fitting finale to Jackson's first year in photos- his cake smash session!  Despite this poor little guy having a few things stacked against him that day (no nap and teething), if there's one thing I know, it's that this kid can't NOT smile.  With some very energetic efforts from his parents, Jackson was laughing and smiling with food in hand, despite a few tears here and there.  As soon as they busted out that lemon cake, Jackson was in heaven and the rest is history (but not without some cake smashing for the "big kids" too)!  

Without further ado, the newest toddler on the block:  Jackson Thomas!

(Julie and James- thank you for the immense blessing of being present for so many milestones in your life together, and now, the life of your son.  Y'all are like family, and I cannot wait for your adventures to come!) 

True story:  I'm already shopping for a fedora for my future child.

Every now and then, Jackson would make this face, and it stumped us all because the cake seemed to be really mild.  Come to find out, it was stuffed with lemon curd!

These next two…gosh.  Bring on the tissues!

This wouldn't be a Thomas session without some shenanigans!