Brenda & Chuck || Philadelphia Museum of Art || Engagement

Brenda and Chuck are naturals.  There's no other way to put it.  Despite the stress of traveling through rush hour Center City traffic, and an unexpected night race (since when do people have races at night in the middle of the week?!), the second these two hopped in front of my camera, magic was in the air.  See those first few photos down there?  The ones with the flowing pink flowers?  Yeah, they were all within the first fifteen frames.  Magic, I tell ya.

And speaking about those flowing pink flowers, they were a little piece of heaven, I think.  Despite the fact that cherry blossoms in DC are considered to be a little cliche due to their popularity with photographers, there was a part of me that has been kicking myself for not joining the masses and holding a shoot down there last week.  But upon arriving at the Art Museum on Tuesday, we were greeted by quite a few perfectly blooming weeping cherry trees.  After warming up beneath the floral branches, Brenda, Chuck and I meandered near and around the grounds of the Waterworks, as well as around the museum itself.  Despite the craziness on the way in, we were never interrupted by any unwanted tourists, which worked in our favor to keep the romantic and giggly vibe flowing.  

Besides, the sweetness, kindness and hit-you-between-the-eyeballs love affair this pair has going on, one of my favorite things about these two was their unwavering trust, even when it was tested way atop the Waterworks in a slightly off-limits overhang.  It was worth the risk to be able to grab some of my personal favorites, and something that was completely unique to them! 

I hope you enjoy browsing through a few of my favorite memories from our adventures together!