Erica || Rose Tree Park, Media || Maternity

Every now and then, I'm given the honor of photographing mamas and papas-to-be before they take the leap into parenthood.  Most times, it's a first child, but sometimes I get the special treat of parents who have already been around the block before.  Now I believe I speak for all women in our desire to look 1/2 as gorgeous as Erica does (she's expecting her fourth little one) when we're expecting!

On Monday, I was so sad to hear the news that her oldest little was pretty sick with strep throat and wouldn't be able to join us.  After a little discussing, we decided to go ahead with the shoot showcasing just her in all of her beautiful glory this time around.  After getting a little creative about mid way through (insert mega smile here) and catching the perfect end to the sun, we both decided to try and race the clock to get at least one photo with the entire family.  Even if the daylight was slipping away, I'm so glad we did!

Disclaimer: Somewhere down the editing path, these photos started to take a "moody" turn.  I hope you enjoy a little more grit and grain (promise, it's intentional).