Experimenting with OCF || Penn Treaty Park, Philadelphia || Personal

So, truth be told, I'm anti-flash.  Probably no surprise, but what you may not know is how long I feared it and how long I avoided having to push myself to learn something that went so far over my head I needed a ladder to reach it.  However, after making it a point to no longer let fear get the best of me in January and to really nail all that I could this year in my business, I am actually starting to enjoy the process!  

Back in May, I attended a lighting intensive workshop with Justin & Mary.  It was everything they say it is and more.  But what was most important was that it convinced me that an OCF setup is really not that scary after all.  So, ever since then (and yes, even before that), I've been forcing myself to put my hands on my artificial lighting as often as possible and the results have been better than I could have ever expected.  I will ALWAYS be a natural light freak, but now I don't have a pretty cool, useful and necessary tool in my arsenal.  

Anywho, this week has been incredible and full of learning, failing and getting back up again.  On Monday, my dear photographer buddy Alison and I went out to Penn Treaty Park with two main missions:  one, to get more comfortable in the one on one situation of headshot portraits (See examples below of this adorable lady!)

It was going so well until this one cloud blocked out the beautiful sun for what seemed like an eternity.  By the time that one had passed, another crept in, so we decided that we should probably start setting up for the wonderful couple who came out to be our test subjects for our shots in the dark.

(But not before grabbing this shot because she looked just so darn cute in her fedora.  #ilovefedoras)

Meet Carolyn and Corey!

They're married friends of Alison, and oh so in love.

And then this girl went all #modelstatus on us.  Seriously though, perfect outfit, stellar hair, knock-you-dead eye contact....just GORGEOUS.

Probably one of my favorite shots of the whole night (special THANK YOU to Alison for letting me experiment with a video light.  I am hooked!)

And because I couldn't just let that stop there, I went out for round two on Wednesday night with one my best girlfriends who just happens to be a supermodel (no really, she's pretty perfect).  After shooing away some deer that were trying to creep in on the prime real estate we found, we hit the ground running- this time, with husband along to get some hands on practice too!  

**Now, disclaimer.  I am in no way an expert at what I'm doing.  In fact, I feel like there are so many things wrong with these images that I wonder if those that DO know what they're doing are rolling their eyes at my newb attempt.  But there was something so magical about some of these shots, that even if they're grainy as heck, a little too bright or just plain weird I had to include them.  I hope you enjoy some behind-the-scenes educational shots!**

Meet Becky!

The most adorable giggler you ever did see.


And then, my requests of Becky got a little silly...but boy was she a trooper.

This is probably my favorite shot from the whole two day experience.  It's feels like I edited it into a hot mess, but there's something so raw, joyful and free about Becky's expression and body language that had to be shared.  She IS joy in this photo.  And that looks so good on her.

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