Alison + Kohl || Hopewell Furnace || Engagement

I think Ali and Kohl win the award for longest distance traveled for an engagement session.  These Montana residents traveled home for the Holidays, and it just so happened to be the perfect time for some photos!  Or….so we thought, until we saw rainy day after rainy day scheduled for us.  After two postponements, I think we ALL breathed a sigh of relief when the sky was dry on New Years Eve.  

So there we were, two days before their flight home to Montana, exploring one of their favorite high-school hangouts and discovering some new territory together at Hopewell Furnace.  As most couples do, Ali warned me ahead of time of their camera-shy tendencies when it came to PDA, but much to my surprise and delight, I never ONCE saw a moment that would prove her right.  These two (although admittedly giggling over how awkward they felt in the beginning), had one of the sweetest chemistries that I've ever seen.  There's something about Kohl that ignited a genuine, intense smile from Ali that rarely left her face.  And there was definitely something about Ali that Kohl just couldn't stay away from.  Between them was undeniable joy and an infectious love that made me thankful to be a photographer, and the one with the privilege of witnessing it not once, but twice.

A + K:  Thank you for waiting out the rain, for showing such genuine concern over my "food-poisoning", and for being willing to hop in and out of the plethora of textures that Hopewell Furnace had to offer!  One day, if I'm ever in Montana, promise me that we can all go out for another shoot together.  :)  Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!