Kelsey + James || Longwood Gardens, PA || Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Friends, please allow me to introduce you to two of the most selfless people we've had the privilege to meet.  Kelsey and James are awesome sauce.  Yes, I just said awesome sauce.

We spent a little time earlier this month exploring one of the prettiest places.  Longwood Gardens is ever-changing with leaves, flowers, greenery and all the things that I'd never be able to grow on my own. After some hugs and hellos, we meandered in and out of flower paths, meadows and hidden nooks that are well off the beaten path while chatting about all things wedding.  The forecast called for clouds, but much to our surprise, the sun peeked out right as we were about to say goodbye.  After a quick decision to chase the sun to a little field down the road, we played a little more, talked about our new favorite obsession "This is Us" and picked four leaf clovers.  Perfection?  I think so.

K + J:  Thank you for being the kind of people who allow for literal breaths of fresh air.  Our memories from that night still make me smile.  I'm sorry that we lost all of your four leaf clovers, but I'm pretty sure that just means we need to head back out there to pick some more and watch the sun set.  Whaddya say?  :)