Kat + Sean || Philander Chase Knox Estate || Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Next up in our adventures in Valley Forge are Kat and Sean and their fall explosion at the Philander Chase Knox Estate.  With it's dilapidated greenhouse and fields galore, it was the perfect backdrop for their October e-session.

These two are so special.  And kind, compassionate, wonderful conversationalists and possibly THE lead that might help us on our puppy journey.  And you know what?  They're crazy about each other!!  As they whispered and cuddled close, I found myself smiling behind the camera at just how blessed I am to be able to meet and spend time with precious souls like these.  

K + S:  Oh how I wish I could spend so many more days with you!  Thank you for letting me be a part of a little bit of your sparkle.  Hugs, hugs, hugs!