Addison Grace || Philadelphia || Newborn

It's not every day that your friends have babies, but when they do, it's special.  When Alison asked me to photograph some of these fresh first memories for her little family, there was no answer but yes!  This little lady may have taken her sweet time making her debut, but as we all spent some time together, one thing was clear- she was well worth the wait!!

A + K + A + C:  Thank you for trusting me to be your fly on the wall, for allowing me the honor of holding that sweet, sweet little baby, for letting me snuggle your puppets, and for being amazing friends.  <3

About 48 hours later, we all agreed that a few in-home shots would be a great addition to her birth day story.  I'm not sure that I've ever seen a more adorable nursery (and seriously‚ĶI think I need some alpaca decor in my house, pronto!!)

Mister Colby Jack.  Watch puppy-brother extraordinaire.


Pretty sure that creativity runs through this mama's veins.  She made this bow.  Perfection, I tell ya!