The Chan Family || ChesLen Preserve || Lifestyle Portrait

If you're a PA native, chances are you've been enjoying the B-E-A-utiful weather we've been having this last week.  Thankfully, we've had some pretty beautiful clients to help us enjoy it! 

These two little ones...boy are they special!  Their personalities are so different, and it was a pleasure to be able to learn all about them during our shoot together.  The ChesLen preserve was such a pretty backdrop for our evening with its tufts of yellow wildflowers and puffy dandelions.  We may not have had much wind for our kite-flying extravaganza, but it sure was fun to try anyway! 

M + S + C + E:  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend time with your sweet family!  I appreciate you braving the "spideys" and the pups that ran through as we caught some true laughter and curious exploring.  I hope you enjoy these personal favorites from our time together!