The Thomas Family || Ocean City, New Jersey || Maternity

I'm thankful for friends and clients like Julie, James and Jack.  Not only are they good people, but they're also joyful, exciting, fearless people.  Since the beginning of Aaren Lee Photography, they've been my constant first timers, 'guinea pigs' as Julie calls herself, and some of my favorite adventurers.  Whether I'm shoving them in a sunflower field, pushing them in a river, getting up close and personal in the birthing room or covering them in sand, they welcome each new idea with open arms.  They embrace my crazy and encourage me in intangible ways by their unfailing trust in the vision inside my head.  We all need that, and I'm thankful to have found it in them.  

So when I said, "Sunrise session on the beach? I have this great red dress for you to wear..." to some, that might not seem so crazy.  But for a 9 month preggo mama with a two year old traveling to a beach nearly 2 hours from their home, it might to raise some eyebrows.  It shouldn't have surprised me that of course their answer was "Yes!  We'll bring Jack too!" The rest is such sweet history.  :)

J Cubed:  Thank you for being you.  You wonderful, special people who will always hold a cherished place in my heart.  I look forward to continuing to follow you in the years of adventures that are to come.  :)

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