Gabby + Derek || Riverwinds, West Deptford || New Jersey Engagement Photographer

Gabby and Derek are adorable together.  Their humor, wit and charm make time spent with them easy and a ton of fun.  Add two pups in the mix?  Day: Made.

On one of the cooler days we've had in a while last week, we spent a little time together at the Riverwinds exploring, snuggling some fur babies, enjoying a glass of sparkling cider, laughing and splashing around.  Seriously friends, these two get major props for hopping in the river for an impromptu water excursion.  Rocky bottom aside, I think the risk was definitely well worth it!

G + D:  Thank you for being so brave and willing to try anything that I threw at you!  I loved getting to know you both better and seeing exactly why you fell in love with each other. I can't wait for round two on the big day!!  :)