Nicola + Wade || Penn Oaks Golf Club || Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I think Nicola and Wade's wedding will go down in my mind as one of our all time favorites.  Nicola's effortless beauty was staggering (sorry in advance for the overabundance of bridal portraits- I just couldn't pick my favorites!)  From the moment we arrived, it was obvious just how much planning went in to their day.  A little bit of icing on the cake was the love and excitement from both sides of their family and their ability to keep everyone in the highest of spirits!

There were so many special moments with this one- from heirloom earrings, to one of the most unique wedding ceremonies we've ever seen, and then to two toasts that left this girl (and in my defense, most of the room too!) blubbering like a fool.  In one final effort, summer tried to melt us all with a hot, hot, hot wedding day.  Much to our surprise though, the sun ducked behind the clouds during portraits and left us with a perfect breeze to cool down the day.  Even more to our surprise, it popped right back out at the perfect moment to get a few basking in that golden glow.  All in all, we love these too, and we hope you will too.

N + W:  Can you get married again??  Seriously.  I'm fully convinced that everyone needs a Nicola and Wade in their life.  Your kindness and trust is inspiring, and we're so, so blessed to know you!