Maise Haven || Lifestyle Newborn Session || Modern Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

Becoming a mother has given me so much compassion and understanding to other mothers and things that I ask of them during newborn sessions. Post Owen, Allison + Matt (two of our ALP alums) were my first guinea pigs with my newfound appreciation for the rockstars Mom’s are.

True to their nature, they were up for anything. So with little miss Maise leading us, these new parents followed her cues and fed her when needed, soothed her when she whimpered, cuddled her when she wanted and just showered her with love, affection and awe like the total naturals that they are. There was even time (and patience) from this little girl to attempt her first bath. What priceless moments to be invited in to see!

M+A+M+W: Y’all are the real MVPs. Thank you for consistently being bold and daring adventurers. Even with a terrain as familiar as the walls of your home. You are ROCKING this whole parenting thing and I’m so honored that you let me meet your sweet little thing. She’s a wonder!