Becky + Chris || Ridley Creek State Park Engagement || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

This is a long one. But it’s a GOOD one.

Meet Becky. She’s my best friend. Meet Chris. He’s her person (and someone that Owen will eventually call “Uncle” whether he knows it now or not :)).

I’ve tried to write this countless times over the last two weeks, but it usually ended in tears. I mean, I couldn’t even title their gallery “Dodds Engagement” without waterworks. Lawd help me come April…

These two are the real deal. A very special real deal. They met, dated, fell in love and grew in favor of each other in the most perfect timing. God has been faithful, and He will be again. And honestly, the rest is just beginning.

B + C: WHAT DO I SAY TO YOU. I LOVE YOUR STINKING FACES. GOD IS GOOD. That is all. Can’t wait to stand up for you both and scream “YAAAAAAAS!” when I hear man and wife. Sorry in advance for any ugly crying.