Katie + Alex || Knowlton Mansion Wedding || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Just a month before our little man arrived, we had the incredible privilege of photographing a wedding for two of the most considerate and loving people that I've ever met.  I'm not sure there's ever been a bride as excited for her big day as Katie, and that kind of energy was infectious during our entire relationship.  

The day was a beautiful one.  To all of our surprises, the rain stayed away in the middle of one very, very rainy week (scratch that...month).  There was excitement in the hotel during the prep, excitement at the mansion as gifts were opened and eyes were laid on each other for the first time, excitement during portraits, bridal party portraits, family formals.....the entire day- it was like it was the best day of their lives.  And it was, it really was.

K + A:  Thank you for always being such rays of sunshine and for being so passionate about us working together.  Your confidence in me from the start gave my creative wings room to fly and I am so glad to have been able to get to know you better!  I hope life in Nashville is everything you hoped it would be and more!