Danielle + Matthew || The Crystal Plaza || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

These are my people. Seriously. I’d like to say that they had me from the pie they baked me for their e-session, or the casserole they dropped off shortly after Owen was born when cooking wasn’t the wisest on so little sleep (think egg shells in dishes, salt instead of sugar, forgetting boiling water on the stove for long enough that the smoke alarm went off, etc.), but the truth is I fell in love with #teammaclean long before they filled our bellies. And anyone who executes perfect choreography to HSM’s “Can I have this Dance” are destined to be my best friends.

Weddings in December require careful planning and skill. Between the limited daylight and risk for extreme weather, winter-anything calls for brave hearts and adventurous spirits. When the forecast for this day showed heavy rain from 8am until 6pm, I prepared myself to reassure everyone in my path, but what I found instead were those brave hearts I mentioned before. ‘Can do’ attitudes instead of fear. ‘I trust you”’s instead of doubt. And despite the monsoon outside creativity soared, love abounded, and all was well with our souls.

D + M: Come snuggle my baby, K? And drink coffee. And play scrabble. And snuggle Potter. Door’s open. In all seriousness- I love yous. ‘Nuff said.