Mia || Coatesville, PA || Modern Philadelphia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This family is special to us. I think if you’ve been following along for any length of time, you may recognize Scott and Lauri. From their engagement, to their wedding, to a newborn session for the sweet, energetic toddler in the photos below, they’re no strangers to being in front of our camera.

Well there’s a new girl in town! Born a few weeks ago, Mia is one of the most relaxed newborns I’ve ever worked with. Her big sister Elle is full of just the right amount of 2 year old energy to keep us all laughing and definitely on our toes. Both had us all wrapped around their fingers (and also had us paying for our requests in fruit snacks). Though little miss Mia is fresh from the oven it was abundantly clear to me that she came at just the right time to be a part of this family.

L + S + E + M: Thank you for bring me along for all of the life things! It’s such a special honor to be invited back time and time again, and to see so many of our mutual memories hanging all over your walls. My love for you runs deep and I am so excited to this new addition to your adventure!