The Young Family in Media (Portrait)

One of my hopes when I started this business was that it would help provide an opportunity to reconnect with the people that were a part of my life once upon a time.  With this session, that's just what happened.  Jill and I attended high school together, and as our ten year anniversary just passed in June, it was nice to have a little mini reunion and to meet the loves of her life, Bryan and Brayden, while we wandered around Ridley Creek with their sweet little family and my camera.

The day was beautiful, and after a few steps into the park, it became clear that we were not the only ones who thought so!  It was surprisingly amusing to see a photographer with an adorable family around every corner.  Thankfully, we were met with gracious professionals  as we all engaged in a delicate dance around the park.  It wasn't long before Brayden, the little star of the show, began to show his gummy smile (despite a few early momentary tears), and the rest seems to be very pleasant history!  

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the Young Family's fall session!