Nathaniel turns 2! (Portrait)

Nathaniel Reid might just be my favorite two year old.  He's also the only Tuttle boy that I've been able to follow around with my camera since the day he was born.  I still can't believe that he followed the sound of my camera with his eyes with only a few hours in this world under his belt.  Well this little guy turned two in July!  And a few weeks back, I had the privilege of following him around Rose Tree Park for his two year old portraits.  

Nathaniel is a beautiful little guy.  His smile and expressive eyes will melt you in two seconds!  He's also one determined boy!  He knows what he wants and goes after it (A quality that I'm convinced will work in his favor later on in life).  He's also still a little shy at times when a camera comes around...  

Enter Daddy.  

As soon as Pastor Mark came near, he was all giggles and rough housing- exactly as it should be!  I'm always appreciative of parents who will go that extra mile to help their little ones feel comfortable during a session (even if it means being rolled down a hill by a toddler too many times to count…).  And when that fails?  CAKE POPS!  

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite memories of the fun we had that day!