Fallon and Marcus in East Stroudsburg (Wedding)

Fall weddings.  Can every wedding be a fall wedding?  The colors, the crisp air, the acceptable opportunity to snuggle in public to keep warm as you watch your friend, your sister or brother, son or daughter walking down the isle to enter into the bond of marriage with the love of their life.  Sigh.  I repeat, can every wedding be a fall wedding?

Fallon and Marcus had the perfect day.  Cloudy at times, bright sunshine-y goodness at others and orange, red and yellow galore.  It was a wonderfully love-filled day that started with an intimate first look on the "beach" and ended with some serious FUN on the dance floor!

Marcus and Fallon, thank you so much for being YOU, sweet, kind, trusting you!  It was my honor to come along this journey with you both!

And with that, may I present the new Mr. and Mrs. Kratz!