Nikki and Bart in New Hope (Maternity)

Bart and Nikki are two special friends.

I've known Nikki for the better part of my life through our connection to our home church, but due to the slight age difference between us, I hadn't had the privilege of spending quality time with her until our young adults group, Engage, got up and running a few years back.  It's also through Engage that I had the exciting opportunity to meet her (now) husband, Bart!  And let me tell you, Bart is hysterical.  Nearly everything that he posts on social media has me close to peeing my pants.  

Beyond Nikki and Bart's love for laughter and humor, I have been able to see a softer side to them over the past few weeks that has me undoubtedly convinced that their little baby Tantillo will have one incredible set of loving and selfless parents (and -it has to be said- an incredible set of Aunts as well!).   

Last week, we took a little trip out to New Hope for our backdrop to this session.  Chasing the sun in one of my favorite things, and although Nikki might have some other thoughts about the tiny bugs that loved to hover around her, I am so grateful to the magical twinkle they provided for us in the beginning of our time together.  (Side note:  New Hope is one of my husband and my favorite places for an occasional date night/photo adventure, and we were incredibly thankful for the excuse to get our eat on after we called it a wrap.  Thanks again, you two!)