Megan and Mike in Perkaisie (Engagement)

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan way back when Isis and Jeremy tied the knot last year.  She was helpful, sweet and so pleasant that day!  When I received her email dripping with excitement over her own engagement, I couldn't help but get giddy myself and say YES, YES, YES to coming along this journey with them!

A few days ago, we headed out to the historic house on Pearl S Buck International's grounds.  These two braved the crazy wind and cold on Sunday, but looking at these photos, you'd never be able to tell!  Fall beauty was in full swing for sure which only helped highlight what was already so natural between these two love birds.  We even had a moment to add in their two beautiful pups for some photo fun.  

Please enjoy a few tender moments and silly giggles on the house today!