Home, sweet Home : The Upstairs (Before)

Anyone out there home improvement junkies?  How about before/after lovers?  Maybe it's because I have a father who always seems to have a project (or two, or three, or ten if any of you remember our house in New Jersey), but I LOVE to stalk pictures of how someone transforms a space from drab to fab!

My fiancé and I have been working hard over the past few months preparing the home we will be living in once we say "I do" in July.  We were blessed to be given access to it ahead of time, and although there seems to be a never ending layer of spackle dust covering EVERYTHING, we are both thoroughly enjoying the really neat and special opportunity we have to "fix it up" together before the wedding.

This house is so charming, and just perfect for us.  From old wood detailing, to a beautifully ornate closet in the master bedroom, we love it!  There might not be a full size closet in the place, but it's just the right amount of space to begin our new life together as one.

Here are a few photos of the "before" of our upstairs:

Welcome to our back bedroom (Or the guest room, whatever you want to call it).

It's pretty impressive when a man can paint without using a roll of blue tape.  My father taught me how, and I think it might have been a subconscious requirement for whoever asked me for my hand in marriage...

Good bye neon green!!

Almond Wisp, FTW.

Remember that whole closet issue I talked about…?


Come on in to our bright little bathroom!

LOVE this tub!!! (Don't worry, the radiator cover is not a permanent fixture. :))

Pre-cleaning, of course.

And here's the middle bedroom!  Previously a very vibrant child must have lived in this space with its bright blue and purple walls.  Currently, it's a beautiful shade of mustard yellow in preparation for the new office (This man must love me if he let me paint an entire room mustard yellow…)!

Please, please, please do anyone who lives in your living space after you a serious favor- do NOT add wallpaper/wallpaper borders/stickers to any of your walls.  They will love you.  Forever.  I promise.

Wha…?  Could it be….a…closet?

It looks like a closet...

False alarm.

Well, at least the previous tenants had good intentions.

Last but not least, please follow me into the master bedroom.


LOVE that it has an entry into the middle room.  Perfect for a quick getaway, a game of tag, or….you know…tiny humans. :)

Dust, dust everywhere....

AHA!  The linen closet is full sized!  We already have big plans for you, my storage friend, and they don't include towels.

I'll save our downstairs for another day… 

But since it's #mancrushmonday, I couldn't resist leaving you with this guy- the hottest hottie that ever hotted.