272-173 = 99 Days!

"Mawwaige!  Mawwaige is what bwings us togethah today…"

If you've been following my comings and goings for any great length of time, you know that in addition to lovin' on some very special brides and grooms, I'm preparing to say "I Do!" myself in just a few short months!  I will do my best to spare you the sometimes undesirable hearing of ALL of our mushy details, but I couldn't let today pass without alerting you all of its significance.

272-173 = 99 Days!!

When Dave proposed on October 12th, 272 days seemed like an ETERNITY (Just ask him!).  But as we are passing a pretty significant milestone TODAY (Yep, that's right folks, we're officially in DOUBLE DIGITS!!),  I can't help but want a few of those days back to tackle a few more wedding details and house (!!!) details.  BUT, because I am typically a "glass-half-full" girl when under a normal amount of stress, today I'm choosing to celebrate our life so far together and the fact that there are only 99 more sunsets before I say "Yes!" to a lifetime of giving all of me to all of him.   And that is a moment that can't get here fast enough. 

So!  In honor of double-digit-day, I wanted to share a few of our favorite, significant and downright silly moments so far!  

Happy Weekend, friends!

It all started when the guy fell in love with a green-eyed girl...

Right here in this very room, actually.

On the day she moved to Virginia, she asked him if he'd like to get some coffee.
He said yes.

After almost 10 months of "waiting" for her to like him, they headed to Cape May for their first real, bonified, official date!

And enjoyed a friendly softball game at the memorial day picnic.

They shared many-a-date after that, including a bucket list item - a real drive-in movie!


…she got to share in the moment he was baptized….


They even traveled to New Hope for a few photo-dates...

And for the second year in a row, he was there when she enjoyed her first PSL of the season...

There were laughs...

And smiles...

And moments to "chill" together...

Oh, and cuddles.

Until he couldn't wait one more second to ask her to be his for the rest of their lives...

And of course, she said YES!!!

(And yes again after the ring returned from being resized. :))

They celebrated birthdays together...

And the snowiest winter they'd seen in a long, long time...

And as they prepare the house where they'll be living together once they're married, it's all beginning to sink in….

In 99 days, they will be Mr. and Mrs. David Jackson!!


(p.s. What relationship doesn't have a few ridiculous selfles in its archives?)