Stephen and Stasia in Media (Engagement)

The more I shoot, more specifically, the more I shoot engagements and weddings, the more I realize a few things.  Love, again- more specifically, what I know of it, is much bigger than I could have ever imagined.  It looks different, feels different, IS different with each couple I photograph.  But one thing that remains the same is how beautiful and exciting it is to be able to discover how and why my couples love each other.

Stephen and Stasia are cute.  No, I mean, snuggle fest, giggle 'til your sides hurt cute.  And that's exactly what they showed me when we ventured to Ridley Creek State Park last week.  Stephen is a master of making Stasia laugh.  All he has to do it come close, and the smile on her face indicates just how this man makes her feel.  Boy, was that laughter contagious!  It's such a gift to be able to completely enjoy (and join in) the raw emotion of a session.  Love is organic, and it certainly was alive and well during their session as we played chicken with the rain forecasted for later that evening.  Oh, and a couple that loves swords and bring them along to be in the lime light too?  Pretty flipping sweet if you ask me. :) 

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their afternoon e-session (And a cameo from our little frog friend that posed perfectly for us)!