The Monico's in Cape May (Wedding)

As a creative, you need to make friends with other creatives.  Vendors, videographers, DJ's- I can't stress enough how important it is to be sweet, charming and SMILE at the colleagues you "adopt for a day" for a wedding.  True, you may only be in their company for 8 hours, but the impression you make can last a lifetime (and truth be told, if you make a good impression, the chances of a referral are ever in your favor).  We need each other to learn and to grow in our businesses, yes, but as human beings as well.

Now, you might be asking what on earth I'm talking about.

I'll tell ya!

Upon my move back up to Philadelphia for my own upcoming nuptials, one of the coolest perks of the relocation was meeting a very sweet lady named Alison of Alison Dunn Photography.  We have a similar love for mustard yellow and Ben Rector, and of course photography.  But really, she is a smart, funny, sweet, wonderful girl that is a joy to know (In fact, I just had the pleasure of having her over to my work-in-progress home for a nice warm meal and homemade chocolate chip cookies- YUM!)!  

A few weeks back on one of my off weeks, I had the privilege of being invited along with her for one of her weddings. Beautiful, charming, rustic and detailed are just a few words to describe that day.  Beyond having a sweet couple to work with, Alison and I just clicked perfectly.  It was an honor to come alongside her to help her photograph such a momentous day in her client's lives, and I look forward to more adventures in the photography world with her later this year. :)

Here's a glimpse of what I saw in my viewfinder that day.