Megan and Lou in Media (Engagement)

The weather was cool, the sun was shining, the couple was smiling- it was a great day for an engagement session!

Megan and Lou are adorable, kind, loving and gracious.  You don't need to spend much time with them before you catch on to Megan's infectious smile.  And who can forget Lou?  Supportive, steady and equally as excited for the journey they are about to embark on as husband and wife.  

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of following around this very special pair of people with my camera.  True to their time spent together during their relationship, we wandered our way around the charming center of town in Media beginning at a restaurant that they loved to visit.  Afterward, we headed toward Rose Tree Park to reunite with their beloved pup, Lacey for a few shots before allowing them to be the stars of the show!  

I hope you enjoy seeing their love through a few of my favorite shots from that evening!