Sweet, Sweet Summer (Personal)

I've been getting better at having my camera with my for "just-in-case" moments this summer. I know, I know- a photographer without her camera?  Oh the humanity!  Consider that lesson learned with one too many memories missed (Although, I can say that even thought I've longed for my baby at times, I've thoroughly enjoyed living in the moments rather than just documenting them- and the best lesson I've learned?  I can actually do BOTH!).

Over the past two weeks, I've had a few times that were designated for pure play as I realized that I've been staring at a computer screen for most of my waking hours preparing for an exciting fall season-filled with bookings of all shapes and sizes!  I hope you enjoy coming along my memory lane for a few of my end of summer shenanigans.  :) 

We LOVED spending a few hours with a few of our favorite people for some good old-fashioned BBQ under the stars.

Daddy/Daughter snuggles.

The only s'more that I've eaten from start to finish.  Julie cookies + Reese's peanut butter cup + melted marshmallow = Heaven in your mouth.


One of my favorite places on earth- Ocean Grove, NJ.

The auditorium is absolutely magical.


…and massive.

Oh, and did I mention that one of my favorite ladies came with me?  That made my day!


I wish I could take one of these chairs home with me.

And of course…ice cream!

And most recently- My guy and I went on a little mini-date to carry on a three year tradition of heading to Starbucks for my first PSL of the season.  And it was SO YUMMY.