Elise + Pete || Old City, Philadelphia || Wedding

Elise may go down in our own little record books for having the biggest, best and most contagious laughter of all of our clients.  I'd be lying if I said that that wasn't one of the reasons why we've been looking forward to her and Pete's wedding day for a LONG time.

With special reminders of her father all around her, the day began calm, quiet and organized (special thank you to the amazing hair and makeup artists that helped to keep the timeline on track - we appreciate you!).  Once we headed to the church and Elise saw Pete, that smile that I've come to know and love never left her face.  From white lace, heirloom necklaces and memory charms, to door knob table numbers, golden detail and TONS of laughter and silliness, these two had a day that was perfectly crafted to embrace exactly who they are and how they love.

E + P:  You guys ROCK.  Thank you for your constant trust in us and your respect for us.  Your wedding day was a dream, and you both will always bring smiles to our faces when we think of these precious memories!!  Hope you are having the most amazing time soaking up the sun in Jamaica!!