Allison + Matt || Valley Forge National Park || Engagement

People talk about chemistry.  Most are describing a couple that way because it's visible of just how much they fit together.  It might be possible that if you look up the definition of the word that you'd find Matt and Allison's picture there.  

Ever have a moment when you're afraid to speak for fear that you'll ruin something?  I have, countless times.  But rarely ever in reference to a couple.  I literally felt as though I'd seen a unicorn and if I made any sudden movements, it would vanish.  These two....they just were.  And it was glorious.  

A + M:  Thank you for making my job easy.  Thank you for loving each other.  Thank you for letting that love shine.  Thank you for being you.  Just....thank you!  And Woodlynn:  thank you for all of the puppy snuggles and butt leans while we waited for your parents.  Pretty sure you take the cake for best behaved ALP canine model!!