Alison + Scott || Stroud Preserve || Engagement

These two are my early morning troopers.  I'm pretty sure that every time we've met, it's been before most people are awake.  Honestly, It takes a special couple to be able to rock a sunrise session, and I'm thrilled to give you exhibit A.  

As we explored as much of the Stroud Preserve as we could, these two captivated me with their giggles, laughter and sweetness.  While I have no idea what Scott was whispering in Alison's ear, I ADORED how it made her hysterical with laughter!!

A + S:  Thank you for being willing to brave the wee morning hours so that we could take advantage of the fall colors!  You both are adorable together and I can't believe I get to have you in front of my camera in a little over a month!!  :)  CANNOT WAIT!