Thomas/Griffin Cousins || Ocean City, NJ || Portrait

Truth time.  

This year, I've been trying to rebrand myself where portrait sessions are concerned.  I've fallen into the bad habit of allowing a few "studio photography" moments creep in here and there in the hopes to please clients because I was certain that's what they were after.  After taking a deep look at Lifestyle photography as a whole and what that actually means, in addition to the body of work that I love most in my portfolio, I realized that I was doing a huge disservice to not only myself, but my clients as well.  You see, while I can appreciate that some people really enjoy the studio style that hovers mostly around heavy posing, smiling at the camera and saying cheese, my personal shooting style is the antithesis of that (In fact, I often have to remind myself on wedding days to get a shot of BOTH clients looking at me and smiling).  

So, this fall, I've made it more of a point to explain to my clients what our goal will be, and what they will see in their final product.  Candid, organic images that focus on the moments they want to remember playing with their children, or loving' on their spouse or spouse-to-be without the feeling of being in front of a camera.  First up for my "revamp" were some of my longest clients, biggest fans and oldest friends.  Julie and Jackson (as well as Essie, Livi and Lucas) are no strangers to us here at Aaren Lee Photography.  I'm not sure that I've ever had a more messy shoot (I think I'm STILL finding sand in my ears), but boy was it fun. 

I hope that you enjoy a few of my favorite moments from our day down the shore.

Poor little Jackson was breaking in 4 molars and wasn't super interested in smiling, but Julie knew just how to help him forget his pain for a few minutes.

Bird tryna steal my sandwich, say WHAT?!

Whatchu got?