Brenda & Chuck || Valenzano Winery || Wedding

The forecast was gloomy with steady chance of thunderstorms for Brenda & Chuck's wedding day.  Determined to help them trust that everything would be okay, I went in with a few extra umbrellas and lace parasols for the 'just in case'.  However, much to all over our surprises, when we awakened on Friday, the forecast was clear of rain and promising only clouds for us.  We took it with smiles on our faces!

When Brenda arrived to aLOFT hotel, her face was GLOWING.  In fact, I'm not sure that I ever truly saw the smile leave her eyes that day.  As we moved through the flurry of preparation, headed to the first look and saw Chuck waiting there for his bride, it was clear that this was going to be an incredibly special day.  From an emotional first look and a hilarious bridal party to one of the most incredibly moving and important mother-son dances I've ever witnessed with not a dry eye in the house and a magical few minutes of night portraits, this day was one I will surely never forget (and I'm sure they can say the same).

Brenda & Chuck:  THANK YOU.  Just thank you.  It was my honor to be the blessed one to join you on such a priceless day.  I hope you both are having THE BEST time in St. Thomas!!