Valco Family || Broomall, PA || Lifestyle Portrait

Round two of our portrait session revamp is this beautiful little family and their Carnival date together!  

I met the Valco's in Broomall for a local three-day carnival with high hopes for cotton candy, ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles, candy apples and funnel cake. Not for me of course, but for Nicolas to eat (while being his paparazzi, of course!)!  One look at the cotton candy and he knew instantly that he wanted NOTHING to do with it.  He proved it by uttering one simple, but powerful word- Yuck. Despite his lack of interest in sugary treats, he had THE BEST time exploring the ins and outs of this charming little scene.  To watch him light up when he laid eyes on a big Mac truck, the firetruck next door and the flying car ride he and his Mama rode was priceless.  While his little sister, Evie, may have been too young to embrace the wonder of where we were, she DEFINITELY loved being snuggled and kissed by her parents.

Ashley and Mike:  Thank you for being such fun adventurers!!  I LOVE your willingness to try something out of the box, and have a great time doing it.  I'm so thankful to have been able to spend some time exploring with you and your precious little family!  Can't wait to do it again!!