Kathleen & Brandon || Ridley Creek State Park || Engagement

When a client writes to you and says "We're going for a vintage 1950's look. I also have a blusher", you know it's going to be a good session.

Kathleen and Brandon are two very special people who know what they want and have tons of fun while they make it happen.  We met at Ridley Creek State Park last week for their e-session chock full of suspenders, a wedding dress, a picnic basket and two bottles of wine.  As we eased into our time together, two things became clear to me.  One- I LOVE their love.  It's the giddy, light up when you come near even though it's a little uncomfortable having our pictures taken kind of love.  And it's swoon-worthy. Two- I ADORE Kathleen's sense of style!!  To say that they rocked their theme would be a serious understatement.

K + B:  Thank you for taking such time and care to create such a detailed and memorable look!  You're joys to be around and I wish you the best of luck in the remainder of your wedding planning!  Seriously can't wait to see what your big day looks like as you carry on your vintage theme!!