Randi + Kyle || Phoenixville, PA || Engagement

Last week, on a little patch of overgrown heaven, Kyle, Randi and I spent some time together.  Seriously, everywhere I turned, there were old windows, shutters, old filing cabinets and other countless treasures that had my vintage/rustic heart doing a little happy dance.  

These two are adorable.  Just downright SWEET together.  As we explored their family's farm, it was such a joy to watch them interact, exchange secret glances and little touches.  That's the kind of love my parents shared in our house growing up (though, full disclosure, there were definitely times when we'd cover our eyes when my parents would kiss and scream 'get a room!').  It's the kind of love that makes me smile.  And can we just talk about Randi's model stare??  Seriously, her natural beauty floored me over and over again every time she'd look my way.

R + K:  Thank you for spending an evening with me and showing me part of your history.  You both have a storybook kind of love, and I'm so thankful to be a part of your journey.  So excited to see you again in August!!  :)