Brianna + Scott || Easton, PA || Engagement

It was probably the craziest traffic I had seen in a long time.  I left at 3:45pm, knowing that the hour drive would probably look more like an hour and a half give or take a few minutes.  But what I didn't expect was that I wouldn't actually step out of the car until 6:27pm with a genuine smile on my face.  Now, traffic usually gets to me.  It's one thing that kind of makes my blood boil and creates this feeling like like my Christian values could be in jeopardy.  But somewhere in the middle of this ride, the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside caught my attention and wouldn't let it go.  The smell of the honeysuckle flooding in my windows was intoxicating and threw me right back to my childhood living in the peach orchards in South Jersey.  The rolling hills and beautiful sunshine peeking through trees as I drew closer to my destination were breathtaking and the summer breeze sweeping through my car was literally a breath of fresh air.  So when I arrived to Brianna and Scott's family farm, I was excited, a little giddy and feeling incredibly adventurous as I laid eyes on their perfectly dilapidated family heirloom barn.   

These two are something so, so special.  Despite feeling the normal "first-fifteen" jitters from having the camera on them, when they settled into their groove, it was impossible to take my eyes off them!  After getting the tour of the grounds and spending a little time documenting a little piece of history by the barn, we made our way to their neighbor's field.  Much to all of our surprise, we were greeted by some of the younger neighbors in a pick-up who were tickled pink with surprise and awe at what we were doing.  Needless to say, it was the ice-breaker that had us all laughing as they finally figured out who we were.  As they drove off, the sun seemed to explode for us in this little patch of daisy heaven.  And Brianna and Scott?  They were ROCKSTARS.  Loving and playing and snuggling and kissing and holding onto each other like there was no tomorrow like the pros.  And their model faces?  Holy cow.  Pretty sure even our audience of neighbors could feel the power of their stares.   

B + S:  Thank you for sharing a little piece of your heaven with me, for acting like the incident with the giant spider didn't even happen and for being so genuinely kind, compassionate and hospitable.  Spending the evening with you was such a treat!!  I can't wait for May!  :)