Jess + Alex || Cork Factory Hotel Wedding || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is hereeeeeeeeee!!  And I really couldn't have asked for a better way to kick it off than to spend the day celebrating with Alex + Jess.  

My relationship thus far with the Cork Factory Hotel has been extremely pleasant, but also extremely rainy.  In fact, the last wedding I shot here was right in the middle of a hurricane!  For most of the week leading up to this day, the weather looked pretty good- not too hot, and partly sunny.  But in a freaky turn of events the night before, it looked like we were in for another wash out from start to finish (luckily, having been through this exact scanario, we were completely prepared).  Much to our surprise, all of our plan B's weren't necessary and we only had to dodge a drop here and a drop there.  Winninnnnnng!  

When we arrived at the CFH, we were met with a very calm groom and a very calm bride despite the uncertainty of the weather.  And through the normal hustle and bustle, all were ready and the show got on the road.  A first look and a short drive later and these two were turning up the charm to full force.  Seriously- nerves were gone and left in it's place was nothing but love.  

I could sit here and write my favorite parts of this day, like their joint vows, giggles, multi-generational cake cutting and impromptu rap to the tune of Sexy and I know It from Jess's sister, but we'd be here for a lot longer than I'd probably have your attention.  Truthfully, there's just one think left to say......


A + J:  Gosh guys.  Does it have to be over?  I'm not ready!!  Thank you for always trusting, always loving and always treating us like one of your own.  We love you!!