Lizandra + David || Geno's Steaks Engagement Session || Modern Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

If you like engagement sessions, this week is for you, friend!  We've got four totally unique e-sessions lined up on the journal this week and you're in for a REAL treat!  

First up is one of THE most joyful couples on earth.  Seriously, I wish you could all know Liz and David.  They are truly "people people" and have the perfect knack for sparking conversation and making you feel like family.  Breaths of fresh air, I tell ya!  

When they threw out the idea of enjoying a cheesesteak during their e-session, part of me thought they might be kidding (it's just not something you hear every day, you know?), but an even bigger part of me was screaming YAAAASSSSS on the inside.  Even the passerby's that day thought it was just the best thing ever after asking, "Wait...are you eating cheesesteaks for your engagement session?!.......THAT'S **FLIPPIN' (edited for the kiddos, ha) AWESOME!!" (we even got to meet Geno in the flesh!).  It was totally unique and memorable place to these two and that makes for a great recipe for something special!  We wrapped up our time with a little rendezvous near Penn's Landing, and the rest is history!  

L + D:  Thank you for being you!  Your love is tangible and I consider myself so blessed to be able to witness it.  Who you are is wonderful and it is a joy to know you!  Can't wait for June!!